My Dollhouse Project

So my daughter’s dollhouse was destroyed while it was in storage. I’ve been promising her for about 3 years that I would get a new one for her. Imagine my thrill when I stumbled upon an old one at a boot sale – it only cost $10 – yay! Then came the fun part, refurbishing and decorating.


This was how it looked after a sand and a paint. Nice and clean. Then came the floors and walls. The flooring is just scrapbooking paper – just like the colourful wallpaper too.


Then I decided it needed a bathroom, so I added in an internal wall (and a bit more wallpaper).


Let’s break it down a bit.

The Living Room & Kitchen

All the basic furniture came from eBay. I painted the stove splashback, elements and sink with silver paint. The little tree and fishbowl also came from eBay. The ‘Good Times’ sign is scrapbooking chipboard and so is the ‘artwork’ on the living room wall. The super cute little scales and clock came from eBay as well (can you tell how much I love eBay?!).

The Bathroom

The bathroom didn’t get a lot of love unfortunately as it is really quite pokey – a bit long and narrow and hard to get into. But the little towels are just fabric scraps. The accessories came from a miniatures store in Australia.

The Master Bedroom

This is my favourite room in the house. I love the floral wallpaper, and the pictures and especially the inspirational quote on the wall. The little lamps I made using this tutorial here – but those little foam marshmallows I couldn’t find anywhere in Australia so I just used more of the timber bobbins (from Spotlight) and wrapped them in a bit of quilting batting I had lying around, and then added the paper.
The rug is just scrapbooking paper that I Mod Podged to the floor (oh yeah, did I mention that’s how I put the upstairs flooring down?). And the bedspread and pillow I just sewed up with some fabric scraps I had lying around.

The Kids’¬†Bedroom

I also love this super cute room. The rug is just scrapbooking paper Modge Podged to the floor. The toys, books and clock came from a dollhouse store in Australia. The doonas and pillow I sewed up with fabric scraps. The butterflies on the wall are scrapbooking chipboard. The light fitting didn’t work out at all like I wanted it to but it looks okay.

So that’s my first dollhouse make over. It took about 3 months to complete (frustratingly slow!) and was a lot of fun.

I’ve got two more second hand dollhouses in the garage, ready for refurbishment. Can’t wait to get stuck into them.







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