The Superhero House

After completing the dollhouse for my daughter, my son decided he needed a house too. He wasn’t keen on a house for dolls so we decided to do a house for superheroes. I used an old bookshelf that we had in the playroom – those put together ones from The Reject Shop-type places. A girly sort of house really wouldn’t have suited at all! Here it is in all its glory.



So let’s go through the levels.


The top floor is the bedroom and bathroom. Because this house is for a boy to play with, he wanted really bold, strong colours. I chose red, yellow and navy because they’re pretty superheroey type colours.

The bunk bed was just two beds that I stuck together with balsa wood dowel and then painted. The double bed was a white bed that I just painted black. The walls are scrapbooking paper and the floor was a gift from the supremely talented littlelinzi (thank you so much!). The bedside table was actually a rabbit hutch that came in a stack of second hand furniture I got with one of the dollhouses I purchased. I just painted it. The lamp is a bead, cotton bud and scrapbooking paper – with one of those foam marshmallows inside (tutorial is here). The wall art and comic books are just pictures printed and then ModPodged onto balsa wood. All the linen I made myself with scraps from my ridiculously massive fabric collection.

I’m not so secretly in love with the bathroom. I am so pleased with how it turned out. The shower, vanity and toilet were just from one of those furniture packs on eBay that I painted. The little cupboard was from the second hand furniture I got with another dollhouse, again just painted. The little plants are just beads with artificial plants inside. The hanging one is just hanging with embroidery thread and a bead. I can’t macrame so I went with a simpler option. Wall art is a little pic that I designed using a quote that was all over Google in many shapes and forms. And the little toothbrush and toothpaste as well as mug and saucepan just came from eBay (man I love eBay!).



My vision for this room came from a Domayne catalogue – and the fact that I always wanted a vertical garden in my old house but my hubby never let me. I wanted it to be warehousey and masculine – after all, the majority of superheroes are blokes aren’t they (what’s up with that anyway?). I loved the idea of exposed brick and greenery, so this is how it turned out.

The trouble with using a bookcase and scrapbooking paper is that the paper wasn’t big enough to go the full length of the back wall. Urgh! So it took me about a month to figure out what I was going to do to fill this gap. I tried a wrap-around window with a view (dismal failure), a big wall art (hideous) – until one night I realised I could do a dark wall with floating shelves. That would look pretty cool. I tried painting the black but got lazy with primer so of course that didn’t work – the paint just came right off. So I just printed a black rectangle and ModPodged it on. Sweet! The little shelves are just balsa wood (I’m becoming addicted to that stuff, it’s so versatile). The kitchen table/bench is again just balsa wood painted black, with balsa dowel legs. The decorations are a combo of eBay finds, painted bits of balsa wood, and my first ever attempt at Sculpey sculpting (is that how you’d say it?).

All the kitchen furniture (and the chairs) are second hand that I painted. The toaster, jam, saucepans, utensils and water cooler came from eBay. The birdcage was a second hand eBay win and the wall art is a magnet from Typo. The window frame was also from eBay and I just put my own photograph behind it (if you’re wondering, it’s Brisbane taken from South Bank. The other one is also Brisbane, taken from a CityCat – I liked it because I could see my workplace in it).



Okay I really love how this room turned out too. The gym ended up going in the living room because I figured the superheroes could do their weights while they watched TV. All the furniture is second hand that I painted. The plant is just artificial plant from Spotlight and the vase is from eBay.

I made the felt ball rug using a whole stack of pom poms I found in the kids’ craft box. The cushions I made from felt, fabric scraps and embroidery thread. The weights are made from foam marshmallows and cotton buds (I’ll be honest, I thought I was pretty clever coming up with that one). The chin up bar is balsa wood. The big black ‘go hard or go home’ I just designed in PicMonkey and the colourful wallart is from Freepik. The other quote I just did myself and stuck it onto balsa wood. The Batman/Joker pic is a magnet from Typo. The ‘yoga mat’ is just foam from an Easter sticker set from Spotlight that the kids had in their craft box. Oh and flooring and wallpaper are just scrapbooking paper.


Control Room

I’m calling this the Control Room but it’s kind of the garage as well. I left heaps of floor space to park the Batmobile. The desk, chairs, shelves, washing machine, ironing board and vacuum (my son insisted on having that) are all second handies that came with a dollhouse I bought off Gumtree. The little filing cabinet was an eBay win and the typerwriter, laptop, iPad and tools (they’re in a pot on the shelves) came from eBay. The computer monitors are just those name place chalkboard peg things that you can get from the $2 shop – I just painted the outsides silver. The hanging thing is balsa wood and I made all the capes with fabric and felt scraps (with the exception of the spiderweb – that’s a feltie from Etsy that I use in my eye patch business). The flooring and wallpaper are again scrapbooking paper (and you see the join in the floor where I had to put 2 pieces together? Hopefully not, it was painstaking to try to get that right). I was kind of over it by this point so didn’t bother using my last 2 pieces of white brickwork paper on the back wall. I’ll keep them for something else.


So there you have it – one superhero house. The whole thing started with this one pic on Pinterest that the little man found (BIGGEST mistake of my life showing my kids the wonders of Pinterest). And we just built on from there. I had plenty of input from the little guy and he’s super happy that all the Lego superheroes can hang out there.

I should also mention that there is a helipad on top. I had visions of fake grass, an outdoor BBQ and setting to go with the helipad but I was over it and he was getting impatient so this is how it turned out. Blurk! But he was thrilled with it, so that’s all that matters.


A nice girly house is up next. Phew!