Milla’s Little House : The Kitchen


The Dollhouse Kitchen

It’s not often something turns out EXACTLY the way I want it to when I’m doing crafty stuff. But this kitchen…well, I just love it! It’s a mix of my favourite colours, favourite timber and of course the pink Kitchenaid mixer. I would love this kitchen in MY house. After finishing the top floor – the little girl’s room – I headed to the bottom floor to do the kitchen. Mainly because I was waiting on stuff to arrive for the middle floor – and I was pretty excited about the elements I had planned for the kitchen.

First up, I’ll address the elephant in the room – of perhaps lack of elephant in this case. There is no fridge. Unfortunately this room was so small that I simply couldn’t fit a fridge in. But luckily the residents of this home aren’t real, so it really doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure they’ll probably just use magic or something.

The floor was the first thing I did in this room. It’s just strips of balsa wood that are double sided taped down and then lightly sanded. I love them soooooo  much. They flow through to the living and dining room too, as they’re on the same level.


The timber kitchen cabinetry came from Bali – yep all the way from Bali – from a beautiful store called Rosada Dollhouse. I spent a wonderful hour in the store (would have been longer had the children and hubby not been holding me back) choosing all sorts of goodies. I wanted to keep the timber kitchen benchtops and sides but painted the rest white.


The stove was then painted black with silver trim.


The beautiful splashback came from LittleFishCreations, which was a digital file that I had printed at Officeworks. The edging is just balsa wood.

The little pink mixer came from Etsy, as did the fruit bowl, fruit and cereal boxes in the cupboard. Oh and the dish drainer, dishes and sink too. The ‘artwork’ was just a print I made up and ModPodged to some balsa wood. The pearly thing is supposed to be a clock but it’s a jewellery finding that was on sale at Spotlight. I was running low on spending money by that stage. The little books are my fave books in my real collection and are just printed on paper then ModPodged to balsa wood.

The gorgeous little monstera plant is from Mostly Miniature. The mat that Ralph (the dog) is sitting on is just a string mat that I made. I was quite pleased with how it turned out but I’m going to try another technique next time as I wasn’t entirely happy with the underside.

The shape of the room meant that there was a big gap on the left hand side. Unfortunately not a good place for a fridge. So I decided to do a bit of a study nook/organiser area. The noticeboard is a scrapbooking chip thingy that I painted, with some cork sheet glued to the back. The little love heart is a chip from Typo and I just printed some of my own photos and a shopping list out and glued them on. The desk is a bit of balsa wood that looks a lot like the flooring 😉 and the little pot of flowers is a wooden spool with paper flowers glued inside.

So that’s the kitchen in Milla’s little house. Definitely my favourite room in all the houses I’ve done so far. The bathroom is next and it’s nearly done. It’s looking pretty awesome (if I do say so myself!).

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