Milla’s Little House : The Bathroom


I just love doing the bathrooms in these little houses. So much fun and no plumbing needed – perfect! This bathroom took a bit of thinking time though as I just couldn’t decide on the ’tile’ that I wanted in it. Finally I found a herringbone digital download on Etsy. It was just what I was chasing but unfortunately it wouldn’t work in this room because it is quite large and the print wasn’t a repeating pattern so I couldn’t join them. So I found a ‘how to lay herringbone pavers’ image and then used that as a base and hand drew all the tiles. It took forever but I like the way it came out.

Next I had trouble with finding a toilet – how ridiculous, I know! I wanted a ceramic one but they all seemed to come in bathroom sets with really old fashioned baths and sinks. So this one I found at Tres Collective – it’s a laser cut wood toilet that I spray painted with gloss enamel paint. The toilet roll holder is the metal spring part of a wooden peg and the toilet paper is real – just glued and then rolled on.

The shower screen (it’s actually acrylic not glass) also came from Tres Collective and I just glued it to some balsa wood to form a base, which was then painted.

The shower head (the thingy that the water would come out of) was the next big challenge. I really wanted a rainfall type head but couldn’t find one anywhere (at least not in my budget anyway). So this was created with jewellery findings from Spotlight that are glued together with E6000 glue (really don’t like using that stuff with the big cancer warning on the back of it!). The shower caddy thing is a box from Etsy and the shampoo, conditioner and soap are just Fimo. The taps are just more jewellery findings.

The vertical garden is some grass matting that I got from Aliexpress. I have enough to just about cover a human size wall so expect to see a bit of that in the next house…and the one after that….and the one after that…..  The ‘bamboo’ mat is just sticks of balsa but I really like the way it turned out.

The vanity is a chunk of wood that I think was supposed to be a bench seat; it came with a second hand lot of furniture so I just tipped it upside down to make the vanity. The little basin is the same as the one in the kitchen (from eBay). The gorgeous mirror is from Mostly Miniature and the towel rail thing is just a wine charm and a bead. The towels are terry towelling scraps. The pretty mat is a crochet doily from Spotlight and the other pink one you see is from eBay (I also have LOTS of them!). The bin was a second hand furniture find on eBay and it’s just got a bit of toot paper in it to make it look like rubbish.


I LOVE this towel rail! It also came from a second hand lot of furniture from eBay.

And finally, all the little decorations are made with Fimo and filled with fake plants. The little mountains were also painted gold. The picture frame is from Whimsy Woods and I just created the ‘artwork’ to go inside.


I’m so close to finishing this house. The master bedroom is nearly done and then it’s just the living/dining – that’ll be a challenge as I need to make a table and a couch, something I’ve never done before. It’ll be really sad once this house is done but the next one is going to be a HUGE challenge!


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