Milla’s Little House : The Master Bedroom


The master bedroom came out very differently from the way I had imagined. I stewed over this room for MANY hours. Originally that back wall was the dark navy only above that join line you can see, with the bottom being white. I was going to have little pictures on the navy part but then the white looked too boring. So I painted the whole wall dark – it’s Dulux Oolong if you’re interested. Another sample pot of paint from our house build and it features at the front of our real house.

The timber feature wall I absolutely adore. It’s just balsa wood strips that are stuck onto the wall (which I totally wasted time painting!). The flooring is just scrapbooking paper. There was going to be a chest of drawers where the plants are but they didn’t end up fitting once I got the bed. The plants ended up being quite pretty – the fern is in a Mostly Miniatures bag, while the banana leaf palm is in a woven basket from eBay.


Urgh, the bed! I went through 3 beds and lots of time trying to find just the right brass bed. But because I’m not really working to scale in this room, none of the 1:12 beds would fit (they were too big). I even considered learning how to solder so I could get what I wanted. But that seemed like overkill, so I came up with this design, scribbled it on a piece of paper, and the very clever Steph from Mostly Miniatures built it for me. I LOVE it! She did such an awesome job. She even made a little mattress for the bed because she thought it looked a bit barren. Very sweet of her. The bedding is just made using fabric scraps that I had and some brilliant remnant bin finds from Spotlight. The crochet cushion is from Whimsy Woods, while the lacey ‘throw’ is a piece of lace from a craft fair many years ago (have I mentioned I’m a dreadful hoarder?!). The rug is a piece from the Spotlight remnant bin lucky day that I had. I’ve got enough to make about 30 more rugs!

This room is not particularly deep so I ran into trouble again when trying to fit bedside tables in. These ones are just made from balsa wood and then painted with gold paint. They were about number 5 of the possible solutions and I’ll admit I kind of lost interest and just went with them. The little lamps are made out of beads and a little woven basket that came from eBay. The book I made and the glasses came from Etsy. The artwork on the timber wall is made from Fimo, feathers and a pearl bed. It did not turn out the way it looked in my head but it suits the room nicely.

The little timber frames on the dark wall are ones that I made from balsa wood and the pictures come from The Printable Studio. They were a set of 5 and they’re all really pretty – it was hard to choose the ones to use in the house. The little timber trolley was a Gumtree find – one of a huge set. The white vase I made from Fimo and dipped in gold paint and the little books are also my own creation. The monstera leaf print is my creation and it’s fit into a Whimsy Woods timber frame.

I feel like it’s a really relaxing room and I’d certainly be happy to sleep in there. It doesn’t seem like a lot of work went into this room but trust me, this one I found the most challenging of all.  Now only the living/dining room to go!

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