Milla’s Little House : The Whole House

Milla's Little House Text

It’s DONE! Milla’s Little House is finished. The sad news is Milla has decided she wants an upgrade on her house after I found a pink Victorian dollhouse on Gumtree for $20. So this house will end up finding a new home eventually.

But here is the house in all its glory – from top to bottom.


The Little Girl’s Bedroom (and playroom) was the first room and came out so pretty.


The Bathroom I’m in love with (actually, who am I kidding, I love this whole house).


The Master Bedroom was a mind stretch but I finally got there.


Aargh I LOVE the Kitchen (even if it is missing a fridge). And look at little Ralph sitting so nicely on the mat there. What a good boy.

And finally……..


The Living/Dining Room. I could live there (actually I kind of do because a lot of this is modeled off my real life house).


So there it is. All done. I’m excited to get stuck into the pink mansion now!

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