The Little Pink Mansion : Bathroom & Landing


The bathroom and landing were a little tricky. This was just one big room (you can see that here) but I put in a wall to create a bathroom. Fiddly business. Once the wall went in those stupid stairs seriously took me about 3 weeks and countless sleepless nights to figure out. I don’t have one of those brains that easily work out mechanical type stuff – I can’t picture how things will work but have to physically do it. So it took ages. Once done though, I think they look okay. The groovy gold paintings on the back wall are scrapbooking thingies that I just put my own photographs into (Milla chose them). Those hideous pink and green frames are scrapbooking doodads and I got lazy and whacked some gold felt behind them and stuck a flower thing on top.

So on to the bathroom.


It’s quite narrow in the end. The herringbone wallpaper is just a pic I found online that I printed out (pretty sure I keep Officeworks in business). The vanity I made from balsa wood – and the basin is too. It’s pretty flimsy but I’m not brave with power tools so I’m too scared to cut real wood. That bathtub is a cheapie from the $2 shop and I just spray painted it, painted the tap black and stuck some herringbone paper on the front.


The towel rail is balsa wood again and the towel just a scrap of fabric I had lying around. That groovy bathmat is felt from Spotlight and the scales were once blue but got attacked with a Sharpie pen.


The little swan planter is my absolute fave thing in this room. It comes from Mostly Miniature.


Because this is such a narrow room it made the ceiling seem REALLY high. So I put this hanging pot plant in the corner to try to fill the space a bit. That mirror is just a piece of mosaic mirror. I have like 20 of them left over if you want one (I don’t know what I was thinking).


So that’s the bathroom and landing all done. Onto the master bedroom next! Woo hoo!

The Little Pink Mansion : Little Girl’s Room


Okay, so I’ve been slack. This dollhouse has been dragging on. And on. And on. I completely missed the deadline of the first week of November – not that I was too worried considering my client was my daughter. But most of it’s done, so I’ll just add in the blog posts as I can. If you’re after more recent pics you can find me on Insta @millamaloo
Right now is the little girl’s room. This one is super pretty and girly – just the way my daughter wanted it.

First up is the floral wallpaper. I took ages trying to find exactly what I wanted with this ones. I tried swans, princesses and flamingos, all to no avail. Eventually I just created this one from some pics that I’d used to create my SIL’s baby shower invitation. I think they’re from freepic but I can’t remember. Only two trips to Officeworks to get this one printed and voila!


The bed was Milla’s choice that she found at a miniatures fair we went to together. I didn’t love it at first (especially the fluro pink mattress it came with) but it’s grown on me. The bedding is all made by me, as is the bedside table and lamp. This lamp actually lights up, which Milla adores.

The little floral wreath above the bed I made with a scrapbooking frame and paper flowers. The little mirror was another miniatures fair find and Milla’s choice again.


This super cute name cut out is from Petite Boulangerieau (she has a shop on Etsy too if you can remember how to spell the ‘b’ word).

The shelves are another handmade balsa wood number. The little books are all made by me and feature some of Milla’s favourite books. And now let’s talk about the swan chair. Oh my squeals, it is AWESOME!!! It comes from one of my fave mini makers Mostly Miniature. The little cushion is one I whipped up from scrap fabric.


These stairs and balustrading were an absolute biatch. NEVER AGAIN!!!!! Buying the ones that are already put together would have been the much smarter option. Anyhoo, once they were done (only took me 3 weeks), it was smooth sailing. Cuteness overload now with the little dollhouse (inside a dollhouse – whhhat?!?!). Milla picked that one out again at the miniatures fair and the beautiful swan flag is from All Things Miniature.  The little white cat moved in from Milla’s Little House (you know, the one she sold because she wanted this upgrade – sheesh).

Here’s some more cutie patootie Sylvanian babies just because I can’t get enough of them.

There we have it. Girl’s room done. Next is the bathroom. I do love a mini bathroom and the monochrome is back!!!!