The Little Pink Mansion : Bathroom & Landing


The bathroom and landing were a little tricky. This was just one big room (you can see that here) but I put in a wall to create a bathroom. Fiddly business. Once the wall went in those stupid stairs seriously took me about 3 weeks and countless sleepless nights to figure out. I don’t have one of those brains that easily work out mechanical type stuff – I can’t picture how things will work but have to physically do it. So it took ages. Once done though, I think they look okay. The groovy gold paintings on the back wall are scrapbooking thingies that I just put my own photographs into (Milla chose them). Those hideous pink and green frames are scrapbooking doodads and I got lazy and whacked some gold felt behind them and stuck a flower thing on top.

So on to the bathroom.


It’s quite narrow in the end. The herringbone wallpaper is just a pic I found online that I printed out (pretty sure I keep Officeworks in business). The vanity I made from balsa wood – and the basin is too. It’s pretty flimsy but I’m not brave with power tools so I’m too scared to cut real wood. That bathtub is a cheapie from the $2 shop and I just spray painted it, painted the tap black and stuck some herringbone paper on the front.


The towel rail is balsa wood again and the towel just a scrap of fabric I had lying around. That groovy bathmat is felt from Spotlight and the scales were once blue but got attacked with a Sharpie pen.


The little swan planter is my absolute fave thing in this room. It comes from Mostly Miniature.


Because this is such a narrow room it made the ceiling seem REALLY high. So I put this hanging pot plant in the corner to try to fill the space a bit. That mirror is just a piece of mosaic mirror. I have like 20 of them left over if you want one (I don’t know what I was thinking).


So that’s the bathroom and landing all done. Onto the master bedroom next! Woo hoo!

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