The Little Pink Mansion : Master Bedroom


I LOVE this room. Totally love it. There’s pink and aqua and more pink. I would happily live in this room!


The first thing I did with this room was the bed. I’d bought a bed from Tres Collective – it was a laser cut style that was then glued together. It was great but just didn’t quite fit the bill. So I gave it a bit of a hack and glued balsa wood strips to the two ends and then white washed them (just with white paint). Then I made a mattress out of fabric scraps and batting, followed by the bedspread from some denim fabric. The pillows/cushions are made from more denim fabric, crochet doilies and other fabric scraps I had. The throw is made from some lining sort of fabric that I had, which I then trimmed with pom pom trim. I was so happy with how this all turned out.

Next up were the pendant lights and bedside tables. These lights aren’t really lights at all but are actually bells. But I just loved the way they looked and wanted some more of the copper look coming into the room. I hung them with some jewellery chain and then into the ceiling. The bedside tables are big wooden square beads with a balsa wood top, painted white. The little books are my own creation (which you can buy in digital format in my Etsy store).


It didn’t come next because I deliberated for about a month on what to put here, but next let’s talk about the painting above the bed. I’d had my eye on a gorgeous print from a local photographer but got a bit frustrated with the process so one weekend, I pulled out the kids’ craft box and found some pastels and pastel paper. Voila! I’m not much of an artist but I love the way this little artwork turned out.


This beautiful hanging was made especially for me by Tiny Perfect World. You might recognise it from Milla’s Little House living room. It’s just so beautiful I couldn’t part with it when I sold that house, so I put it in the Little Pink Mansion because it was staying here with us. It worked so well in the Pink Mansion.

Next up was the little desk area. Initially I thought it was a bit weird to have a desk in a bedroom but my English friend Dubhe told me that proper ladies often have one, so it must be the done thing. The little desk and chair come from Bali – a little shop called Rosada Dollhouse. I want to go back to Bali just to go shopping there again!

The pinboard was inspired by MiniHomeCo and I just printed pics of my real life babies and glued them on there. Added some beads and a paper flower and it was good to go. The pencil set was originally a seaside sort of theme so that was painted in copper paint. The little succulent is one that I sell in my little Etsy store. The notebooks I just created and printed out.

Next to the desk is the trunk. Milla and I saw this online and decided we had to have it in the house. It’s decorated with a plant that I sell in my Etsy store and a little pewter owl that I got online.


Finally the little wall shelf helped fill up a bit of a blank space on the wall. The super cute handbag comes from Mostly Miniature. The art prints are just freebies I found online that I printed and glued to some painted balsa wood. The mini mirror came from a dollhouse fair and the clock from eBay. That little monstera plant in the corner came from Mostly Miniature.

As I said, I’m in love with this room. But it’s on to the kitchen!


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