The Little Pink Mansion : The Kitchen


Mini kitchens are so much fun and this one was no exception. The actual kitchen cabinetry was a hideous bottle green one that I got on eBay. I won’t say it was a steal but it was cheaper than lots of others out there. First step was painting it all white. This was super fiddly and I can see why lots of people use spray paint. That wouldn’t be quite as therapeutic for me though. So two coats of primer and two coats of top coat later and she came up brilliantly.



You can see that my painting got a bit sloppy but I’m going to call it ‘rustic charm’. The cabinets were also missing handles here and there so I just stuck on pearl beads. Bit weird but it kind of works. Kind of.


Here’s a close up of that cabinet and all its bits and pieces. These were sourced from Etsy, eBay and the super cute Robert Gordon inspired mugs are from Mostly Miniature.


I had a few things left over from the renovation of Milla’s Little House, including this wallpaper from Little Fish Creations. It’s my second favourite colour (after pink!) so decided to use it again. The word cut outs are from Petite Boulangerie and the other stuff on the bench are from Etsy and eBay.

The wall shelf is another from Mostly Miniature and the little cookbooks are made by me and are available as a digital file in my little Etsy store.

That banana leaf palm in the background was a bit of a hack. The kitchen wasn’t designed to be a corner kitchen so there was a gaping big hole between the two benches. There was just no combination that worked if I’d tried to stick them into the corner, so I just popped the palm in the hole. It looks okay.

The fridge was an eBay find, it’s wood and looks awesome in real life. That beautiful flamingo print is from Whimsy Woods. The cookbooks are again my design and available in my little Etsy store as a printable file. The flowers and crate are from Etsy too.


Finally is the dining table. The table and chairs both came from a store in Bali called Rosada Dollhouse. The rug is some felt that I cut up and the plant on the table is one that I constructed. Oh and the plant and basket in the background are eBay finds.

So I’m sure the little Sylvanian dolls will have a lovely time cooking up a storm in this kitchen!!

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