The Little Pink Mansion : Living Room


The final room of the Little Pink Mansion! This ended up being a bit of a poky room, mainly due to the stairs I think. I’d pretty much run out of enthusiasm by the time I got here. Hopefully it doesn’t show too much.


First up I made another bookshelf from balsa wood and then painted it white. Because it was a tricky space, this was the best option to fit under the stairs. The TV, fishbowl, bird and fan all came from eBay. The little books are a mixture of my designs and some from One Brown Bear.


The little coffee table is actually a toy box but I think it works okay. The tray, cups, jug and sweets came from eBay, while the book is another of my designs. The little rug is one that I made.


This artwork was a rushed affair. Milla and I looked through my extensive craft stash and found another pink crochet doily and a rhinestone fixing. We glued that onto a painted balsa wood frame and then stuck it to the wall. I’m not that fussed on it but she loves it so that’s the main thing.


The couch next. Unfortunately I forgot how I made the couch in Milla’s Little House so this one is a bit odd. I used the same fabric as the last house and wanted a sleeker look, which I think was achieved. It’s a little wonky because the feet are glued on bits of balsa wood. I’d definitely do that differently next time. The cute little throw rug is from MiniHomeCo and the pictures are from The Printable Studio.


So that’s the final room in The Little Pink Mansion. Next up I’ll do a wrap on the whole house.

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