Milla’s Little House : The Whole House

Milla's Little House Text

It’s DONE! Milla’s Little House is finished. The sad news is Milla has decided she wants an upgrade on her house after I found a pink Victorian dollhouse on Gumtree for $20. So this house will end up finding a new home eventually.

But here is the house in all its glory – from top to bottom.


The Little Girl’s Bedroom (and playroom) was the first room and came out so pretty.


The Bathroom I’m in love with (actually, who am I kidding, I love this whole house).


The Master Bedroom was a mind stretch but I finally got there.


Aargh I LOVE the Kitchen (even if it is missing a fridge). And look at little Ralph sitting so nicely on the mat there. What a good boy.

And finally……..


The Living/Dining Room. I could live there (actually I kind of do because a lot of this is modeled off my real life house).


So there it is. All done. I’m excited to get stuck into the pink mansion now!

Milla’s Little House : The Living/Dining Room


This space marks the end of the renovation for Milla’s Little House. I’ve loved doing this little house – seeing a run down, handmade, pre-loved house come back to life has been really enjoyable. Whilst the kitchen was my favourite room, this room has now taken over. I love its relaxed, coastal feel with a hint of scandi. It is a little similar to my real life house with the colours and some of the artwork. First up the timber floors – these ran through from the kitchen which is next to this room (through that little arched doorway). These are just balsa wood strips that are stuck down and then sanded (thanks to One Brown Bear for the tip on sanding the floors, it made them look a lot better!).


The couch is inspired by my real life couch and is made from balsa wood, polystyrene and fabric. The cushions ended up a little puffy but I know for next time – and it does make it look quite squishy and comfy. The cushions I made, except for the pink knitted one which comes from Whimsy Woods.

The rug is from eBay and the coffee table I made from wooden beads and scrapbooking chips. The vase is made from Fimo and then painted, the book is one of my creations and the little tea/coffee cup came from Etsy. The little plant in the ‘concrete’ planter is one I made from Fimo when I was doing the Superhero House. There was a  little space between the shelves and the couch so I filled it with a little woven basked from eBay and some fabric scraps that are supposed to be little rug throws for the couch when the weather is cold.

The artwork in the living room is made by me. The photograph is one I took when holidaying in Fiji a few years ago. It always brings back good memories. And the ‘hello’ sign came from this blog – they have heaps of really cool free printables.

And now on to the dining section of the room.


This table was the second attempt at this. The first one at legs made from wooden pegs and it looked awesome. But alas it was too big and way out of proportion. You’ll no doubt see it pop up in another house in the future. So this one has dowel legs instead and was then spraypainted white. The little stools came from eBay and I just dipped the legs after being inspired by Nalles House‘s bathroom vanity (side note – her house is seriously AMAZEBALLS!! I love everything she does). The placemats are scrapbooking chips from Typo and the vase is a painted bead with little miniature flowers – they came from the fairy garden lady who sometimes has a stall at our local shopping centre.


Behind the dining table is the big shelf. This idea actually came from a Domayne catalogue – a fantastic place for lots of inspiration. Actually, the ‘dream’ artwork is just cut out from one of their catalogues and then glued onto balsa wood that I painted black. While we’re there, the other frame artwork comes from the blog mentioned above (Chicfetti). All the books are ones that I designed and made and I’m thinking about selling them as a printable PDF but not sure if I’ll ever get around to that, we’ll see. The little camera comes from Etsy and the little cacti from Aliexpress. The timber box they’re sitting in is from eBay. The little pot and tree looking thing I made from Fimo and then painted.

Then finally the stunning micro weave that takes pride of place on its own wall in the dining room. This beauty came from Tiny Perfect World and was custom made for me. It is simply beautiful. I love it so much.


So that’s the final room in Milla’s Little House. If you want to check out the other rooms here they are : little girls room, bathroom, master bedroom, and kitchen. And here is the overall pic of the house.

The sad news is that Milla (my daughter) has decided she wants an upgrade on this house after I found a pink Victorian dollhouse on Gumtree for $20. So I’m under instruction to do that house next. Which means I need to find a home for this house. Some things in the house I won’t be able to part with but hopefully someone will want this house in all its glory.

So it’s on to the pink mansion next!


Milla’s Little House : The Master Bedroom


The master bedroom came out very differently from the way I had imagined. I stewed over this room for MANY hours. Originally that back wall was the dark navy only above that join line you can see, with the bottom being white. I was going to have little pictures on the navy part but then the white looked too boring. So I painted the whole wall dark – it’s Dulux Oolong if you’re interested. Another sample pot of paint from our house build and it features at the front of our real house.

The timber feature wall I absolutely adore. It’s just balsa wood strips that are stuck onto the wall (which I totally wasted time painting!). The flooring is just scrapbooking paper. There was going to be a chest of drawers where the plants are but they didn’t end up fitting once I got the bed. The plants ended up being quite pretty – the fern is in a Mostly Miniatures bag, while the banana leaf palm is in a woven basket from eBay.


Urgh, the bed! I went through 3 beds and lots of time trying to find just the right brass bed. But because I’m not really working to scale in this room, none of the 1:12 beds would fit (they were too big). I even considered learning how to solder so I could get what I wanted. But that seemed like overkill, so I came up with this design, scribbled it on a piece of paper, and the very clever Steph from Mostly Miniatures built it for me. I LOVE it! She did such an awesome job. She even made a little mattress for the bed because she thought it looked a bit barren. Very sweet of her. The bedding is just made using fabric scraps that I had and some brilliant remnant bin finds from Spotlight. The crochet cushion is from Whimsy Woods, while the lacey ‘throw’ is a piece of lace from a craft fair many years ago (have I mentioned I’m a dreadful hoarder?!). The rug is a piece from the Spotlight remnant bin lucky day that I had. I’ve got enough to make about 30 more rugs!

This room is not particularly deep so I ran into trouble again when trying to fit bedside tables in. These ones are just made from balsa wood and then painted with gold paint. They were about number 5 of the possible solutions and I’ll admit I kind of lost interest and just went with them. The little lamps are made out of beads and a little woven basket that came from eBay. The book I made and the glasses came from Etsy. The artwork on the timber wall is made from Fimo, feathers and a pearl bed. It did not turn out the way it looked in my head but it suits the room nicely.

The little timber frames on the dark wall are ones that I made from balsa wood and the pictures come from The Printable Studio. They were a set of 5 and they’re all really pretty – it was hard to choose the ones to use in the house. The little timber trolley was a Gumtree find – one of a huge set. The white vase I made from Fimo and dipped in gold paint and the little books are also my own creation. The monstera leaf print is my creation and it’s fit into a Whimsy Woods timber frame.

I feel like it’s a really relaxing room and I’d certainly be happy to sleep in there. It doesn’t seem like a lot of work went into this room but trust me, this one I found the most challenging of all.  Now only the living/dining room to go!

Milla’s Little House : The Bathroom


I just love doing the bathrooms in these little houses. So much fun and no plumbing needed – perfect! This bathroom took a bit of thinking time though as I just couldn’t decide on the ’tile’ that I wanted in it. Finally I found a herringbone digital download on Etsy. It was just what I was chasing but unfortunately it wouldn’t work in this room because it is quite large and the print wasn’t a repeating pattern so I couldn’t join them. So I found a ‘how to lay herringbone pavers’ image and then used that as a base and hand drew all the tiles. It took forever but I like the way it came out.

Next I had trouble with finding a toilet – how ridiculous, I know! I wanted a ceramic one but they all seemed to come in bathroom sets with really old fashioned baths and sinks. So this one I found at Tres Collective – it’s a laser cut wood toilet that I spray painted with gloss enamel paint. The toilet roll holder is the metal spring part of a wooden peg and the toilet paper is real – just glued and then rolled on.

The shower screen (it’s actually acrylic not glass) also came from Tres Collective and I just glued it to some balsa wood to form a base, which was then painted.

The shower head (the thingy that the water would come out of) was the next big challenge. I really wanted a rainfall type head but couldn’t find one anywhere (at least not in my budget anyway). So this was created with jewellery findings from Spotlight that are glued together with E6000 glue (really don’t like using that stuff with the big cancer warning on the back of it!). The shower caddy thing is a box from Etsy and the shampoo, conditioner and soap are just Fimo. The taps are just more jewellery findings.

The vertical garden is some grass matting that I got from Aliexpress. I have enough to just about cover a human size wall so expect to see a bit of that in the next house…and the one after that….and the one after that…..  The ‘bamboo’ mat is just sticks of balsa but I really like the way it turned out.

The vanity is a chunk of wood that I think was supposed to be a bench seat; it came with a second hand lot of furniture so I just tipped it upside down to make the vanity. The little basin is the same as the one in the kitchen (from eBay). The gorgeous mirror is from Mostly Miniature and the towel rail thing is just a wine charm and a bead. The towels are terry towelling scraps. The pretty mat is a crochet doily from Spotlight and the other pink one you see is from eBay (I also have LOTS of them!). The bin was a second hand furniture find on eBay and it’s just got a bit of toot paper in it to make it look like rubbish.


I LOVE this towel rail! It also came from a second hand lot of furniture from eBay.

And finally, all the little decorations are made with Fimo and filled with fake plants. The little mountains were also painted gold. The picture frame is from Whimsy Woods and I just created the ‘artwork’ to go inside.


I’m so close to finishing this house. The master bedroom is nearly done and then it’s just the living/dining – that’ll be a challenge as I need to make a table and a couch, something I’ve never done before. It’ll be really sad once this house is done but the next one is going to be a HUGE challenge!


Milla’s Little House : The Kitchen


The Dollhouse Kitchen

It’s not often something turns out EXACTLY the way I want it to when I’m doing crafty stuff. But this kitchen…well, I just love it! It’s a mix of my favourite colours, favourite timber and of course the pink Kitchenaid mixer. I would love this kitchen in MY house. After finishing the top floor – the little girl’s room – I headed to the bottom floor to do the kitchen. Mainly because I was waiting on stuff to arrive for the middle floor – and I was pretty excited about the elements I had planned for the kitchen.

First up, I’ll address the elephant in the room – of perhaps lack of elephant in this case. There is no fridge. Unfortunately this room was so small that I simply couldn’t fit a fridge in. But luckily the residents of this home aren’t real, so it really doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure they’ll probably just use magic or something.

The floor was the first thing I did in this room. It’s just strips of balsa wood that are double sided taped down and then lightly sanded. I love them soooooo  much. They flow through to the living and dining room too, as they’re on the same level.


The timber kitchen cabinetry came from Bali – yep all the way from Bali – from a beautiful store called Rosada Dollhouse. I spent a wonderful hour in the store (would have been longer had the children and hubby not been holding me back) choosing all sorts of goodies. I wanted to keep the timber kitchen benchtops and sides but painted the rest white.


The stove was then painted black with silver trim.


The beautiful splashback came from LittleFishCreations, which was a digital file that I had printed at Officeworks. The edging is just balsa wood.

The little pink mixer came from Etsy, as did the fruit bowl, fruit and cereal boxes in the cupboard. Oh and the dish drainer, dishes and sink too. The ‘artwork’ was just a print I made up and ModPodged to some balsa wood. The pearly thing is supposed to be a clock but it’s a jewellery finding that was on sale at Spotlight. I was running low on spending money by that stage. The little books are my fave books in my real collection and are just printed on paper then ModPodged to balsa wood.

The gorgeous little monstera plant is from Mostly Miniature. The mat that Ralph (the dog) is sitting on is just a string mat that I made. I was quite pleased with how it turned out but I’m going to try another technique next time as I wasn’t entirely happy with the underside.

The shape of the room meant that there was a big gap on the left hand side. Unfortunately not a good place for a fridge. So I decided to do a bit of a study nook/organiser area. The noticeboard is a scrapbooking chip thingy that I painted, with some cork sheet glued to the back. The little love heart is a chip from Typo and I just printed some of my own photos and a shopping list out and glued them on. The desk is a bit of balsa wood that looks a lot like the flooring 😉 and the little pot of flowers is a wooden spool with paper flowers glued inside.

So that’s the kitchen in Milla’s little house. Definitely my favourite room in all the houses I’ve done so far. The bathroom is next and it’s nearly done. It’s looking pretty awesome (if I do say so myself!).

Milla’s Little House : Girl’s Bedroom & Playroom


After the Superhero House, I needed to get stuck into some seriously girly decorating. Pink, feathers, fur and more pink. Oh yeah! So the little girls attic bedroom in my new house was where I went.

This is the house before I started working on it and then with 3 coats of primer. Yuck! Wht a horrid job. But it was $35 on Gumtree so a pretty good bargain really. It’s totally solid and handmade so has heaps of character.


I forgot to take a photo of the finished painted house because I was just so excited that I’d done the boring part and could now do something fun. But if you’re wondering, the walls are Dulux Coastal White, the roof is Dulux Oolong and the pink in the bedroom I’m not sure because the label’s come off but I think it’s Dulux Pink Gin. Very handy having built a real house a few years ago so I have LOADS of paint sample pots to work with.

Right so, here we go…..

The little bed and bedside table I made (tip : do NOT use hot glue to stick balsa wood together. It looks dreadful – bedside table case in point). The feathery headboard is one of those feather hacklepad thingys that I had lying around from Milla’s birthday party. The gold dot quilt and pillow are just made from fabric scraps I had. The flowery cushions are felt and some of those flower things that I found in my craft stash. The gorgeous knitted pillow is from the very talented WhimsyWoods. The lamp is just a painted wooden bead, cotton bud and gold felt wrapped around a foam marshmallow. The little books and rabbit came from eBay (although the rabbit was in a second hand lot so not sure where he’s from). Teddy and cuckoo clock are also from eBay. The ‘artwork’ is just balsa wood painted with gold paint, a wooden chipboard from Typo and a little scrapbooking rose.

You might notice the roses up on the roof. Being handmade, the house had what we might call ‘character’. So I had to use the roses to hide a great big gap between the wall and ceiling. Turned out alright though I think.

The other side of the room presented a real challenge because of the extreme slope of the ceiling. Thanks to googling ‘attic bedrooms’ I came up with this solution – a ‘custom made’ cabinet (makes it sound so posh but really it’s just balsa wood) that fit neatly into the space. Oh and while I’m here, the floor is just scrapbooking paper.

The little toys are mostly from eBay (some new, some secondhand) but the unicorn and cat are from a gorgeous little shop in New Zealand that I stumbled upon. You can get the same ones from Ryan’s Realm (if you happen to live in Wellington, the store was ikoiko).

Some other random things are this little plant. It’s just gold felt that I stitched into a bag shape and then filled with artificial plant. The little hat rack was another eBay second hand find. The little handbag I just made from felt scraps and embroidery thread. And the little toy was from eBay and looks lovely against the lush fur mat from WhimsyWoods.

As an added bonus, here is the playroom. This was a poky little room that really couldn’t fit much in it at all. It was a nightmare to paint, photograph and basically do anything with because it’s so small.


The little horse was just in the furniture set leftover from the Superhero House. I painted it pink with gold trim, cut off its red tail and replaced it with pink embroidery thread. The felt ball garland was just balls that I strung together with embroidery thread and the pictures are from Typo.


So there’s the pretty little girl’s bedroom and playroom in my new house. Not sure which room is next….maybe the kitchen.