The Little Pink Mansion : The Nursery


After doing all the groundwork on The Little Pink Mansion, it’s been awesome to actually get to do some pretty stuff -well, cute I suppose, not so much ‘pretty’. For some reason I feel the need to start at the top of a dollhouse and work my way down. I’ve no idea why. So once again, this room is at the top, in the attic.

After putting in the wall to create two bedrooms, this little room became the baby’s room.

The little cot was a second hand eBay find. It had a lovely floral mattress which I just covered with white fabric. The blue pillow came with the cot  but the gorgeous little panda cushion came from All Things Miniature. The blue pom pom rug is one that I made and formed the base of the room, as my daughter insisted it go into this room.


The super cute artwork here came from One Tiny Tribe – it was a freebie that I just mini-afied. The black garland was leftover beads that I had lying around. Please ignore the delightful blobs of white-tac holding it up!

I love this little chair that I picked up from a miniatures fair. The darling D cushion is also from All Things Miniature (you can actually choose any letter you like to have stitched on it). The little bookshelf is from eBay – unfortunately the little books are glued in there but it still looks cute. The ‘wall art’ is just a few scrapbooking embellishments.

This cute little artwork is from Little Boom Prints on Etsy. Again, I just mini-afied it and made a frame (I’m getting much better at mitre corners thank goodness!). That white shelf you can see at the bottom is just made from balsa wood and then spray painted. I was pretty chuffed with how it turned out. Then there are all the lovely little toys that adorn the shelves. These came from eBay and a miniatures fair that I went to.


So that’s the nursery all done and dusted. It’s onto the little girl’s room now – finally some pink back in my life!



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